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Books and Scones

Curling up in the winter with a book and a cup of coffee sounds cozy, but on these sunny spring days, nothing sounds more delightful than sitting in the backyard with a book and a freshly baked scone.

Long before Teal Rabbit Bakery was born I gravitated toward food and travel memoirs. I love the simplicity of the stories, imagining myself visiting new eateries, seeing new sites, and taking in the various cultures of the world. I also find myself easily captivated by fictional stories centered around food such as Delicious by the legendary New York Times food critic, Ruth Reichl.

I don’t know if it is the quaint history and stories behind the recipes or the emotional connections created by food and over meals that I am drawn to, but I always look forward to those laid-back weekend days when I have endless time to browse the shelves looking for my next read.



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