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Happy Birthday Teal Rabbit bakery

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

My kitchen mimics the tempo of nature - baking and delivering as the birds begin to sing and again when the crickets’ hymns close the day. There is peace in the rhythms of the kitchen and admittedly times of chaos. But those are not the ones I choose to hold onto. Those are the moments that I “compost” beneath piles of fallen leaves. There they wait; decomposing so they can fill me with new nutrients to replenish my heart and soul allowing me to grow stronger.

Although it has only been two years since the earliest days of Teal Rabbit, when I flip through my mental photo album, I am reminded of how each day felt like the first, the occasional tears when I watched the clock tick to one or two in the morning, and the times Mike emotionally picked me up from the floured floor with words of encouragement and the promise of a glass of wine.

Although there are so many chapters of Teal Rabbit that have yet to be written, I am proud of how far my little bakery and I have come. So here is to year 3, 4, 5, and beyond. Happy birthday Teal Rabbit Bakery.



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