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White Brick Wall


Est, 2021

Teal Rabbit Bakery is inspired by the rustic, quaint bakeries tucked away in old brick buildings on the Main Streets of your favorite off-the-beaten path towns. While we do not have a storefront with pastry-filled windows, our goal is the same: to create delicious treats that will spread joy to friends and family in our community. Teal Rabbit believes that lasting memories are created while sharing good food with those we love. We hope that our breads and pastries will do just that.


All our breads and pastries are made from scratch using high quality, locally sourced ingredients, when available. While our menu is small, it is based on seasonal farmers market offerings and rotates weekly.




"Enjoy a pastry and carrot on."

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Growing up, Stephanie would often watch her mom bake pies and other delicious desserts from scratch. As she grew older, Stephanie and her mom began to bake together, especially around the holidays. Although Stephanie went on to become an elementary school teacher, she always had a love for baking. Over the past few years, she enrolled and completed several bread and pastries courses from San Francisco Cooking School. Recently, Stephanie earned a pastry arts certificate from The French Pastry School and Rouxbe. 

When she’s not baking or teaching, you can find Stephanie walking her greyhounds, running, or biking throughout the Roseville community.

Follow Stephanie:

Instagram at @stephanieartis 


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