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April Showers Bring may Flowers

Updated: May 3, 2023

While April was not particularly rainy, we did get our fair share earlier in the year and the flowers are now here to prove it. The gardens are alive with buzzing bees, grasshoppers are out and about, and the birds singing the sweetest songs. Life just seems to bring springing up all around. When it comes to flowers, I adore peonies, roses, and dahlias. They are grandiose and distinguished. When they bloom, their presence is known. Being surrounded by them allows my imagination to whisk me off to some enchanting English garden where you can get lost among the foliage and secret paths. Lately, however, I have been transfixed by all the unassuming flowers. The ones that can make even the smallest of yards, like mine, seem whimsical. I see them dotting my potted thyme, reaching tall for the sun on my succulents, and cascading onto the stepping stones on my side yard. I hope you are enjoying spring and all of nature’s beauty as much as I am. In honor of all the flowers and vibrant gardens, this week we are celebrating with a lemon daisy cake.

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