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Out With the Old, In With the New...

From all the way back in my youth and on into adulthood, this time of year has signified the start of the spring season. But rather than planting gardens, starting seeds indoors, or the anticipation of new farmer’s market offerings, it was preparing for upcoming track meets or triathlon races. And while I am not training for an event anymore, I still try, as often as possible, to get my daily dose of sunlight and exercise. Whether it is neighborhood runs, hikes at the lake, bird watching with friends, or adventure walks with the pups, moving is still a priority. Days that used to be structured around training to race are now built around fulfilling orders, testing new recipes, making trips the local nursery, and building an urban garden full of herbs and vegetables to be used in future bakes. I will always treasure the memories of toeing the line at big invitationals or standing at the edge of the water, ready to jump in, but I truly enjoy envisioning new flavor combinations, waking for the early morning deliveries, and watching my garden grow.



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