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Somewhere around late summer when the heat was relentless and fall seemed too distant to even dream about, chaos crept in and all the fun extras, like this blog, got cast aside. Like the sunflowers in my backyard, my to-do list seemed to double in size each day until the top seemed unreachable (fortunately, I didn’t topple over as my sunflowers did!).

Luckily, history has taught me that even the most chaotic times will pass - and they did. As the season started changing I could feel the shift. It almost seemed perfectly timed. Was it coincidence or nature’s way of reminding me that nothing stays constant?

I spent several weeks pondering this post and what to say, but then I realized that there is no better time to reconnect with my community and friends than now. Sometimes you just need the simple things like pumpkins, apples, falling leaves, and cool, crisp mornings to refresh your mind and soul.

I am excited about all of our fun fall bakes -pumpkin muffins, apple hand pies, blackberry diagonals... I hope they help make your fall festive and cozy.



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