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Sideyard Tea Party

Every so often I have the opportunity to escape to East Sacramento or Land Park for a delivery or two. When I do, I always carve out a little extra time to stroll through the neighborhoods that are teeming with the lush gardens and timeless architecture that don’t exist in the newer neighborhood where I reside.

On my last visit, I was particularly drawn to the side yards. I marveled at the dense sprawling foliage, climbing roses, and the gravel and cobbled pathways that led to old wrought iron or wooden gates. As I passed by, I wondered what sort of magical world existed on the other side. Would there be small courtyards with trickling fountains? Could you find intimate tables tucked among overgrown hydrangeas and azaleas? Were there century-old stone walls that house volumes of stories shared among the friends and families that wandered by over the years?

I like to imagine that sitting among all the above is a porcelain teapot and trays of biscuits, scones, and cookies waiting patiently for the next unexpected, yet welcome, visitors. I imagine that when the gate gently swings open and the tea is poured, the magic of the garden truly unfolds. The birds begin to sing, squirrels start dancing along the aged branches, and the leaves gently sway as if saying hello.

Although the temperatures are beginning to inch up, there is no better time than now to enjoy an impromptu tea party, the morning sun, and the magic of the day.



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