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Time to celebrate

A couple of weeks ago when I was in the backyard tending to my plants between storms, our resident hummingbird, Nellie, started buzzing my head. It wasn’t until the third or fourth time that I finally noticed the tiniest little nest built in the crook of our pineapple guava tree with an even tinier baby hummingbird inside. Later that day, I glanced out the window to see Nellie nestled in the nest all cozy, yet alert of her surroundings. With the nest just a stone’s throw from our window, I could give her privacy while still enjoying nature’s magic. Watching her tend to her baby and catching glimpses of her feeding the tiny bird truly filled my heart with joy.

Unfortunately, that joy was fleeting as another series of storms started rolling in the very next day. My joy quickly turned into stress and anxiety. I worried that the nest with its tiny feathered friends would not be able to withstand the high winds and rain. I became obsessed with the weather forecast, but, to be honest, having the latest weather technology only soured my mood when it showed nothing but wind and rain on the horizon. I watched the radar, checked for updates minute by minute, and anxiously waited for over a week for it to scoot out of town. Luckily, it finally did, or at least subsided enough to give the birds (and me) some relief.

Over the next week, the winds and rains continued to roll in and out. Both mom and baby seemed thankful for the sunny, calm days, as was I. The baby, which we named Noella, started stretching and testing her wings more and more. And yesterday, she finally successfully left the nest!

So in celebration of Nellie and Noella’s perseverance and health, we are featuring these delicious hummingbird cupcakes this week. Happy first flight Noella and happy birthday to all the other needle-nosed friends who were just born.



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